Albion Strawberry Yield Per Plant

albion strawberry yield per plant
An albion strawberry plant can yield about 1 lb. of high quality strawberries (see above).


A few things to consider in regards to Albion yields:

1. Produce fruit in spring, summer, and fall
2. Fruit is high-quality: firm, juicy, beautiful red (very marketable!)
3. Yields are slightly lower than other strawberry varieties
4. Plan on about 1 pound of strawberries per plant (depends on zone, soil, planting, sun, etc…)

Perhaps you’ve seen a carton of strawberries at the grocery store like the one pictured above. That image should provide some perspective, as the albion strawberry yield per plant is roughly what is pictured, 1 lb. of strawberries under ideal conditions. But this is going to get produced over the entire growing season (spring, summer, and fall).


Albion strawberry yields are unique because you don’t get your basket of strawberries all at once! In fact, this variety will product fruit spring, summer, and fall! You can expect a relatively good spring production, a smaller summer production, and then a heavy fall production (depending on your zone). Bottom line: they don’t all come in at once, so you can visit your strawberry patch every few days for a nice handful of strawberries for whatever the occasion.

Additionally, the Albion Strawberry is renowned for quality; meaning, if you grow this variety, you are going to get more quality fruit that you could (a) pop in your mouth if you’re a backyard gardener or (b) take to the market place if you are in the business to sell your strawberries. Typically, the yield on the Albion is supposed to be a bit weaker as compared to other varieties, but because the fruit is large, firm, and juicy, it’s makes for a great commercial variety.


For all of you that have any experience in the garden, ideal yields depend on temperature, sun exposure, soil composition, plant density, and much more. Under the right conditions, you can expect these kinds of returns. The University of Minnesota had an excellent study showing albion strawberry yield per plant (as well as other varieties) under different conditions, including planting type, mulch type, and much more. For more information, see it here.

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