Albion Strawberry Taste

albion strawberry taste
How does the albion strawberry taste? It’s a common question when deciding on what strawberry you should grow in your garden. In short, the albion strawberry is the perfect dessert strawberry because it’s sugar content is through the roof! It’s our favorite variety because it’s versatile enough to be delicious in almost any use, including jams, baking, garnishes, or just plain eating right of the plant. There’s nothing quite like the taste of an albion freshly picked from your garden. Don’t believe us? Try one yourself!

Albion Strawberry Scientific Name

The albion strawberry’s scientific name is Fragaria x ananassa. This scientific name isn’t necessarily specific to the albion variety; in fact, most day-neutral or ever-bearing strawberries have the exact same scientific name. They are all simply hybrids of the Fragaria x ananassa.

albion strawberry scientific name
Albion strawberry scientific name: Fragaria x ananassa